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Atlantic Jewellery Appraisals, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is Atlantic Canada’s premier jewellery appraisal company. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Atlantic Jewellery Appraisals are trusted in appraisals by private owners, insurers and jewellery stores throughout the Maritimes to give the highest standard of service and quality.

Having your precious items appraised accurately by a trusted professional is essential, that is why Atlantic Jewellery Appraisals offer the highest quality service to give our clients peace of mind.

Atlantic Jewellery Appraisals is owned and operated by Lawrence Hartnett, who has worked with several major jewellery retailers in Canada. As a store manager and diamond department manager for Birks Jewellers and also as a diamond buyer and appraiser for Charm Diamond Centres. Lawrence brings his vast experience and personal integrity to providing the most accurate and fair appraisals to insurers, jewellery stores and private owners throughout the maritimes.


What is an appraisal?

A jewellery appraisal is a written professional opinion of the authenticity, quality, design and approximate value of jewellery for purposes including, retail replacement, for both private and estate clients. The most common reason for obtaining an appraisal is for insurance purposes, to insure accurately the value of the item against, loss, theft, damage or settlement for estate purposes.

Atlantic Jewellery Appraisals are part of the Canadian Jewellers Institutes Accredited Appraiser Program, a governing body that ensures appropriate and accurate values throughout the industry. This program ensures that customers can have confidence in the appraised values of their items.

Some of Lawrence’s qualifications include:

Graduate Gemologist
Gemological Institute of America

Accredited Appraiser
Canadian Jewellers Association

Certified Professional
Canadian Jewellers Association

Registered Jeweller
American Gem Society


Services/ Price

Private appraisals and consultation while you wait. Insurance, estate, probate, in-home.

  • 90.00 per piece (a bridal set is considered one piece)
  • 80.00 for an update (where client has previous appraisal or report)
  • 125.00/hr verbal consultation

In-store clinics

Atlantic Jewellery Appraisals offer clinics to jewellery stores throughout Atlantic Canada. Lawrence will attend a store appraisal event, where store customers can have their pieces inspected for value and condition in person. This way the clients precious jewellery items never leave their sight and they are given an accurate and fair market value appraisal.

Benefits for Jewellers

  • Builds trust and loyalty with customers
  • Customer receives an official appraisal by a professional gemologist/ accredited appraiser
  • Helps build traffic for the retailer
  • Potential for new customers

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